Katherine Brice is an Australian born, Brooklyn based multi- disciplinary designer and artist.  She has a love of light and material and creates experience focused environments.  She attained her formal education from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia graduating in 2012 from Masters of Architecture, with an exchange semester at Parsons School of Design.

In Australia she worked for a Lyons as a  junior architect on a five person team that designed and documented a teaching facility for La Trobe University. 

In 2013 Katherine's undertook an internship for the New York-based artist Sarah Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer’s sculptural interventions disrupt the architecture of the exhibition space by physically displacing the conventions of the built environment. Through this experience she gained a  unique understanding about the interactions of light in space and the subtle details that can completely alter ones spacial experience.

In summer 2014 she was the architectural designer in charge of the fabrication of three large scale aluminum sculptures for the artist Rachel Feinstein for Madison Square Park. 

She has worked as a designer, project manager and fabricator in numerous Design and Build shops in Brooklyn including We are Rocket science, TwoSeven and Moey inc.  Through this work she has been exposed to innovative fabrication processes and gained a deep understanding of materials and their limitations. 

Katherine is one half of  'Hovver' a creative collective with Christopher Lunney. Though their practice they make immersive light and sound based installations, that focus and define phenomena that illuminate our limited perception of the world.  


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