Intership Feburary - May 2012

Oppenheimers work spans the disciplinary boundaries between sculpture and architecture. Her Calculated manipulation of standardized spaces disrupts the embodied experience of spatial continuity. Oppenheimers work both disorientates and clarifies the  experience of the built environment.

During this internship one of my main roles was to physically make models to help Sarah test her ideas. Through this process I was taught the value of rigor and precision. It gave me a unique understanding of light and space. We explored the role of perception and I learnt to examine how the visible space is intwined with the non visible. We examined how subtle shift in the boundary of the envelope can alter someones perceptual interaction. 

I was involved in the early stages of development for three projects including :

33-D Kunsthaus Baselland. Switzerland. 2014 (seen below.)